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For 20 years, ERBE has offered New Yorkers a unique and rejuvenating experience. When you enter the Spa, you will find yourself in the kind of organic herbal shop (erboristeria) that you would find throughout Italy. We've recreated something of this experience at our Spa.

Our Manhattan Spa located in the Soho district, a place that is at once inviting, warm, intimate and authentic. Here, even the most discerning and sensitive clients will find in our products and services, a level of care - and affection - that result in a healthier and younger-looking appearance, radiant, glowing skin, and a feeling of genuine well being. When your treatment is concluded, you will emerge renewed and restored, and we hope, happy.


Herbal/Aromatherapy Facial

Includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation and steaming, deep pore cleansing using our curative organic herbs and essential oils products selected for your particular skin type.


Herbal/Aromatherapy Purifying Acne Facial

A deep cleansing and healing treatment, concentrating on the purification of clogged pores. Finishes with our signature oil-free ERBE purifying products, which improve the appearance of dull and unevenly textured skin; leaving a healthy and more radiant complexion.


Phyto-Enzymes and Fruit Acid Peel Treatment

Suitable for wrinkles, acne, oily, impure, unevenly textured skin and scars. Based on the action of mineral enzymes this treatment increases collagen production while reducing age lines to promote a smooth and younger-looking skin.


Botanical Compresses

Aromatherapy facial with Botanical Beauty Compresses containing high content active plant extracts and natural antioxidants. This intensive anti-wrinkle, firming and toning treatment will thoroughly hydrate and nourish the skin, increasing collagen production while smoothing face contours.


Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing session that combines deep tissue pressure points to relieve tension, increase energy while improving circulation. This treatment is personalized, using ERBE's signature aromatic blends of healing and therapeutic essential oils.



A purifying treatment that includes: cleansing, exfoliation, removal of impurities and dead cells from the back. A healing mask is applied along with toner and a light massage using healing essential oils. The treatment concludes with an antiseptic moisturizer that promotes healing while preventing further reinfection and scaring.