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Erbe is a very special company: Special by virtue of the traditions, philosophy and practices that inform our exclusive products, herbal formulations and personal treatments. Special because of the intimate nature of the relationships we have with our customers. We understand just how important we are to our customers¹ lives and their sense of self. We are gratified by their trust. Our obligation to them is both a responsibility and a joy. Toward that end, we are fiercely protective of the quality and the effectiveness of our products and services. Erbe products are the legacy of 16th century Italian monk herbalists and physicians. From essential oils and herbal products, these progenitors of our line created treatments and remedies for a wide range of physical ailments. The knowledge acquired by these early chemists, alchemists and doctors would be, in time, combined with women's pursuit of beautiful skin, to create the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture

Today, you'll find the contemporary expression of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture in the Erbe brand. Our mission is to adapt the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture to address modern needs. We do this with skin care products prepared with essential oils, herbs and precious emollients that offer genuine Phyto-therapeutic qualities . All of our products are tested and proven to create not only beautiful but healthy skin. ERBE products are prepared to significantly improve all skin types. Some formulations target specific problems, while others treat multiple conditions. All are formulated with botanicals that provide unique phyto-therapeutic results to ensure beautiful and healthy skin.


Eliminate liquids and toxins from the skin Our organic botanicals are of indisputable origin. Each product is effective, gentle, pleasant and safe to use. Every item is conceived and prepared to promote healing and enhance beauty while creating an agreeable feeling of well being.